TM Joint Disorders

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Problems of the joint occur due to lost teeth which are not replaced for many years thereby causing imbalance and loading of the joints resulting in Deviation, Clicking, Dislocation of joint from its actual position causing the jaw to remain open and sometimes even a locked jaw. Other reasons of joint problems are due to habitual clenching of teeth causing muscle fatigue and joint soreness. Unilateral eating habit also causes pain in joint on the side which is continuously used. Trauma to the joint directly or accidentally by eating into something hard can also cause joint pain and clicking which may be due to injury to the disc protecting the joint.

Sometimes Fusion of jaw joint with skull causing ankylosis can also occur.

Surgical treatment is indicated in cases of ankylosis to restore jaw mobility and mouth opening.

In cases of clicking or dislocation surgery is indicated if other modalities fail to alleviate pain or mouth opening.